Almost from the beginning, I was submitting Short Screenplays along with my Features to Shriekfest.
It allowed me to experiment with styles and voices, and since I felt their judges were a solid arbiter of "Horror" as a definition, to see what the parameters of that actually might be.

Over the years I've tried EC-styled horror and of course some pretty brutal twists, but I've also offered tales without blood and  stories without violence of any sort. I've done heady philosophical  turns and simple conversations. I did an entire screenplay in rhyme, one time, and last year did a walk in the woods along a dark road, where I only allowed the two characters to say sweet and endearing things.

- Turns out Horror has a lot of faces, since I was never turned away. -

This year is the first time I've ever written with a theme in mind, and we'll explore  whether a person can actually have Free Will if one refuses to take in new information.  Sounds like Horror, to me ...

Thanks to all of my co-writers, who have quite honestly never denied me anything. 

But haven't they ever seen what happens to those sorta folk, in a horror movie ...?

1A SHORTS2 Junkies match Harboring OoaL.
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1A SHORTS2 OoaL match3rd Junkies Harbor.
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1A SHORTS 7th match LegacyR Fear L.jpg
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Just a conversation ...

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