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Self-involved smalltalk:
I've completed 7 horror Features, won The PAGE with my first, then added wins from Shriekfest, FilmQuest, Las Vegas Screenplay & Festival For Horror on 6 different scripts,
have 29 Finalists, 1 current Option.  

Stephen King awarded me a short story through his groovy&gracious Dollar Babies program, and the film I
co-wrote and associate-produced with a Bafta-nominated DP and multi-award-winning director is out there with 6 wins and a dozen finalists due to their vision and skill.

I often collaborate, tho I’m recently writing more work on my own. I mention it because I really enjoy and think I shine in that process,
 although in-my-backyard-with-a-beer is my favorite version of the initial story breaking procedure, ah must admit.  I most often craft very visceral stuff, but won a major award for a Short without blood and finaled with two that were only conversation, which made me smile.

I’ve just completed a Feature Screenplay about too-smart college kids creating a new God, set at England's
Harlaxton Manor, my heart's home. Its backdrop of Fibonacci, The Holographic Universe, and the true purpose of Biblical prayer & sacrifice were makin’ mah brain bleed, but I survived and then crafted a fun proof-of-concept paradiddle with one of my talented co-writers about bad things to find in a shed, before heading back to my own writings.

And how are you?

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earlier lives:

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John Stothers' magnificent "Pilgrim"

... with the truly great J.R. Gallaway as Dream-Metsys


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Some of my Anime Voice Work is listed at AnimeNewsNetwork if you'd like to click on this banner: