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I  create graphics-laden Lookbooks for a lot of my work, but that's not as resonant on-line as a (very) simple video representation, so ...

below is a taste of character designs & mood from Wendy's-and-my Pilot Finding Haven which follows the redemption of Thomas Harper,
a man cursed with... opportunity, shall we say.  Click on the box below to get a sample beyond the logline presented back at Short Screenplays.

Music by our beloved cousin, Michal The Girl, gone-too-young now these several  years.

Forsaken won The PAGE International Screenwriting Awards in Action/Adventure for Wendy Lashbrook and myself, and its tale of
a nameless Confederate officer befriended only by an adolescent Black girl on his quest for justice is a favorite of ours.
Click below for some images that inspired us, from our Spaghetti Western's Moodbook.  Temporary music by the great Johnny Cash.

Blacklist Feedback on Forsaken   --  8s across the board  --

Academy Nicholl Fellowship remarks on Forsaken

Blacklist A1 - 1.jpg
Blacklist A1 - 2a.jpg
Nicholl mailbox feedback.jpg
PAGE adj.jpg
BlackList Blight.jpg
TBlt girls.jpg
Judges 13H wix.jpg

Some Blacklist and 13Horror feedback for the award-winning The Blight

1 - Wix Eve Of Destruction CURRENT.jpg
Santa Barbara feedback.jpg
13Horror Feedback3 - Eve of Destruction.jpg
Austin Coverage.wix.jpg
alan lee Pan horror cover adj.jpg
HoD Nicholl w longline.jpg
Las Vegas adj6.jpg
Filmquest none2.jpg

Trailer for Simon Pearce's multi-award-winning Stephen King Short Film starring Simon Merrells and Grant Masters:

... and there's an interview with me about my own participation in the project, right chere:

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