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  I had a friend that said "dance reveals your soul" which annoyed me because, y'know, I ain't much of a dancer.
   I've always thought the art you choose revealed that part of you, and since I'm wantin' you to know me better,
here's a portion of the signed or original fantasy pieces I'm lucky enough to have on my walls.
I hope you find an artist who intrigues you enough to consider pursuing, as the living artists need your support,
and also, I often find myself lost in agazement, and would wish it for you, as well.
muth wix frame.jpg

John J. Muth  


Charles Vess

Tim Burton 2.jpg
emily hare HOWL frame.jpg
Travis Louie Sarah&Emmett Wix.jpg
severin wix.jpg
Akira frame.jpg
Daniel Danger.jpg
1 - Adkins' Strange pg 7.jpg
Glen Cravath frame.jpg

Jasmine Worth                

Tim Burton  

Moebius  (Jean Giraud)

Emily Hare

Travis Louie

Marie Severin


Ray Harryhausen

Daniel Danger

Dan Adkins

iris frame.jpg

Iris Compiet

Glenn Cravath  (1931 - did storyboards for King Kong)

Russell Killraven.jpg
Jasmine Evilynne frame.jpg

P. Craig Russell

Neal Adams

Gustafson Scott.jpg

Scott Gustofson

pipe racks1.jpg
pipe racks2.jpg
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